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For customers looking for a high-end solution, HD CCTV offers ultra high definition video and analytical solutions using cutting edge technology to enhance and improve security systems delivery.

Security systems are designed for intruder detection & verification, recognition and identification purposes. Utilising remote monitoring of live images viewing an intruder means you can take immediate action and prevent costly loss and damage. Using the most up to date camera technology enables the best possible chances of capturing images of whatever you require to see day and night.

View live and recorded images using the internet
Using existing broadband and mobile networks it is possible to watch live images and recordings of your CCTV system from anywhere in the world.

High definition Megapixel camera with real-time recording
It is now possible to capture detail like never seen before using a CCTV system. A single camera will give you a general view of an area whilst still capturing key requirements such as faces and number plates. The correct use within some systems will save money on installations.

Remotely monitored CCTV system with audio communication A solution to provide complete peace of mind using a combination of CCTV, audio and alarm signals. Once the system is set a 24 hour monitoring station will receive alarm activations, they can warn off intruders using audio and call the police if warnings are not heeded. This system can work externally as well as internally.

Vehicle number plate recognition (VNPR) camera & full system
Automatic identification of vehicle number plates has become a key security and management tool. Systems can record plates day or night at speed. Number plates can be logged in list form and time is saved accessing the recorded archive when searching for specific plates. Alerts to individual number plates can open and close barriers or send alarm signals to a desired location.

Cash Register / EPOS Fraud Detection
Integrate into your existing CCTV system or new a installation using our specially designed DVR that not only records the text overlay but allows text searching saving time during playback. You can detect voids, no sales, returns/refunds, A/Z reads & sweat hearting plus search for specific items that have been sold. On observation of the text overlay taken from the till compared to the image on the CCTV camera it is easy to see if errors are occurring. This system will save you money and pay for itself.

Infra-Red & thermal imaging camera
It is not always possible to illuminate certain areas at night, we supply cameras that can see in total darkness without causing light pollution. Be one step ahead of intruders, it is possible to monitor a person in your grounds without them knowing you can see them.

CCTV lighting solutions
The hours of darkness give intruders confidence and cameras can be useless if not given the correct lighting. Depending on your needs and our recommendations we supply white light and infra-red lighting.

Vehicle CCTV Using special cameras and recording equipment is it possible to provide video footage from inside and outside moving and static vehicles.

Battery powered overt or covert CCTV system
For sites where there is no power is available we can install cameras and recording facilities powered by batteries that can also be monitored remotely.

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"Thanks Digicore A really professional service and we are very happy with our excellent CCTV. The high quality footage is fantastic and system is so easy to use. We had no experience in CCTV but you made the process completely painless, from start to finish. Your customer service and support is second to none! Who these days gives you 'true' support & customer service. from anywhere in the world and the same day! Excellent friendly & helpful service all round – we would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Digicore."

Caz – SizeBase Limited