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Wireless Alarms

Using our wireless battery powered system we can now secure almost anywhere with an alarm to detect intruders and notify you someone is somewhere they shouldn't be. Costly and unsightly cabling is not required, making an alarm now possible in situations where cabling was once an issue and saving money on installation time and future maintenance costs.

Our existing customers range from high end domestic to farming and industrial sites, anywhere where installing cabling can be a costly issue.

Internal & external wireless intruder alarm system

Effective and highly reliable wireless battery powered intruder detection that can be installed in environments that were previously too costly using a wired solution. Maybe you require intruder detection but do not want any unsightly cables showing, excellent for sites or buildings where there is no power available. Adding a Global System for Mobile (GSM) unit to the system means there is even no need for a fixed phone line to get the alarm call to you.

Monitored wireless video verified intruder alarm & camera/sensor/GSM

The next step on from a wireless alarm that uses cameras within motion sensors. The monitoring station will not only receive the alarm signal but they can see what activated the system. Eliminates false alarm calls to the police associated with standard alarms.

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"Thank you for the great service we are very pleased with the standard of the work and the solution offered to improve our ageing system, the clever use of the existing cable to run 2 cameras as an option saved major disruption and cost. It all works very well and the installation was quick, efficient and so made it an easy process within a busy venue."

A Oliver – Wedding & Conference Facilities