Keycard & Fob Door Access Control

We design and install access control systems businesses for a variety of reasons. Restrict access to different parts of your site or building, monitor the flow of staff in and out of the building and gather location data to protect staff during emergencies.
You could need a simple one door solution or a multi door solution our team are on hand to give you the system your business requires.

Video & Audio Intercoms

Add an extra layer of security when people are trying to enter your building or premises. See and talk to whoever is at the door or gate before you decide if they can enter. This type of system is suitable for almost anywhere, we can integrate into existing door or gate and provide new installations if required.

Biometrically Controlled Systems

A biometric system offers a higher level of identity security than a typical proximity-based Access Control system. A biometric system uses an individual’s unique biological information to verify and authenticate their identity.
Safer than using codes or access cards which can be obtained. Biometric features can include facial recognition and fingerprint which are extremely difficult to replicate.

People Flow Control

COVID-19 pandemic has meant restrictions on the number of people that can enter a building at one time. We can monitor the number of customers that enter your premises and display this information at the entrance to your store or site that quickly informs customers whether it is safe to enter or for them to wait until someone exits because maximum occupancy has been reached.

Contactless Access Control

To reduce the spread of Coronavirus and other infections it is possible to replace existing push to exit buttons with a non contact exit button. Most existing installations can be retrofitted with the new technology with minimal disruption and cost.

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